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Step forth into the treacherous mist that envelops the twisting streets of Grant and uncover the secrets that lie therein! Gaming studio Warcave presents their latest creation – Black Legend, an alternative history turn-based strategy RPG, brimming with imposing 17th-century gothic-style architecture, mysteries just waiting to be solved and cultists that worship the one that let the city fall into madness. Here you walk in the shoes of Mercenaries, souls brave enough to enter these ruined streets and join the ranks of the ever-dwindling Resistance that fights against the cult and mythical beasts that aid them. Use melee tools, ranged weapons and even special brews to successfully eliminate everyone that stands in your way but beware – these fiends will use the same means to oppose you! Buy Black Legend Steam key and uncover the mystery behind Mephisto, the Alchemist that damned the city of Grant!What are Black Legend gameplay features? Undoubtedly, the only way to put an end to this madness is to stop Mephisto himself. Little by little, piece together the history behind this fog and liberate the city from the cultists!• Alternate history. Enter a doomed city in the 17th century, greatly inspired by the architecture of the Low Countries of Northwestern Europe – unearth all the side content hidden in its twisting passages;• Master of Alchemy. Grasp the Humorism alchemy system, based on 4 different instabilities, and combine these special brews with devastating Catalyst Attacks to deal substantial damage;• 15 playable classes. Unlock all of them and become the one to liberate Grant – each has unique equipment and abilities, which you can build and customize to create the perfect Resistance team;• Do as you wish. While the battles feature turn-based combat, you are free to roam the city and enter skirmishes any way you like;• Leisure or frustration. There is an appropriate difficulty setting for everyone – those who want to focus on the story and those who wish to face death at every corner;• Cheap Black Legend price.In the grasp of Mephisto Tranquillity is but a long-forgotten dream for the few survivors strong enough to reside in the city of Grant in Black Legend key. Once the mad Alchemist Mephisto encased this town in thick fog, it became the breeding ground for blind worshippers and beasts alike. And yet – there is a chance to revert this madness. Whilst struggling greatly, the Resistance is the last bastion of hope – you are to join them as a Mercenary, versed both in combat and alchemy, with the aim to not only uncover the true events that made Mephisto who he is now, but also to lift the fog once and for all. Find the survivors, complete hidden side quests, plunder treasure troves, and recruit formidable allies! Buy Black Legend Steam key and liberate the city of Grant from this madness! buy cheap dvdkeys - CD Keys
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